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Survival Tips for Winter

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Winter is coming...

Many of you may have already discovered that Japan, a technologically advanced society has yet to introduce central heating to most of it's buildings. The majority of people rely heavily on their air conditioner to act as a heater in winter. Coming from the United Kingdom, this was quite a shock for me but after surviving one grueling winter in Japan and before we leap into the next, I'm going to share with you my survival tips.

Even though I read online that many people go to the extent of lining their windows with bubble wrap, I for one did not do this. I like to be able to see outside and open my windows and door with ease. I honestly think a good thick pair of curtains and even layering up your curtains (putting another set where the net usually goes) goes a long way.

N-warm, a miracle. This blanket from Nitori may not seem like it will keep you warm, but trust me, despite it's deceiving thinness, it is the only blanket I need to add in winter to keep me toasty warm. It uses some kind of heat technology and Nitori has a whole range of N-warm products from the blanket to pillow covers etc.

Heat Tech from Uniqlo. I had to adapt my whole winter wardrobe when I came to Japan and it changed to basically a lot of heat tech and jumpers. Heat tech is a miraculous piece of technology that zaps the sweat off you to keep you dry and keeps you very warm. You can get varying levels depending on how cold it is. 

Kairo - like hand warmers, but for all of your body. I'm sure you've heard of Kairo by now but I'll mention it again. You can buy Kairo from most drug stores and some supermarkets. They are absolutely brilliant, especially for your shoes. They last a long time and keep your toes nice and warm. 

To the left we have the Kairo for your shoes. In the upper right corner, we have non-stick kairo (regular size), 貼らい (non-stick) and カイロ (Kairo). In the bottom left side, is Kairo that you can stick to your clothes so you can feel warm on the go, 貼る (to stick).

Apart from these particular things, just remember to wrap up warm. I was gifted a pair of ear muffs here in Japan and they are the best pair of ear muffs I have ever owned so also look into items like this. Furthermore, if you're thinking of buying a rug, I highly recommend it and a warm pair of slippers (in particular I recommend ones that look like animal feet). Last but not least, the famous kotatsu, a haven you won't want to leave.

Wolf slippers - warm and cute.

Good luck! If you have any winter survival tips, please share them in the comments section below.

Disclaimer: All information provided on this website is exclusively based on my own research and experiences. Facts such as opening times and prices etc. may vary or have been changed since. 

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