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Summer in Japan

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

A Japanese summer, there's nothing quite like it. From the "mi, mi, mi" of the cicadas to the scorching sun, I decided to write this article so that I could advise you on how best to deal with the various problems you may or may not be familiar with.

My first recommendation is purchasing a parasol. In my country, everyone wants a tan and you barely see anybody with these, so it took a while to convince myself to buy one, but after I did I had no regrets. Keeping the sun off your skin really helps with the heat and helps prevent heat stroke.

On the topic of heat stroke, it's important to keep hydrated and I'm not just talking about drinking lots of water. Make sure, especially if you walk far or do anything that involves you sweating a lot (even if it's just standing there), drink a drink with electrolytes. My personal favourite is Aquarius but a lot of people also like Pocari Sweat. It is essential you replace your electrolytes in the summer months, and when you need them, these drinks will taste amazing. But if you'd prefer you can also buy salt tablets, there are a variety available and you can even buy flavoured ones (like pineapple). You can also buy jelly drinks so if you've lost your appetite due to heat stroke, I recommend these for vitamins and energy.

My honorable mention, Nivea's ZeroFeel suncream, possibly the best suncream (in my opinion). This suncream feels like water (almost). I absolutely love this suncream, it's not cakey like the ones I'm used to and it provides really good protection. Of course, this probably isn't the only suncream like this in Japan, you can experiment around but if you were putting off putting on that suncream because of the texture, this is the way forward.

Wipes. There are some magical, beautifully scented wipes in almost every drug store and supermarket and they are great as a little refresher.

Bugs. Remember to wear bug repellent, especially if you are going hiking and you haven't had your vaccinations. Also, there are cockroaches in Japan, often they can't be helped but you can see the sprays I buy below.

To the left: my prevention spray which I use around my front door every 2 weeks.

To the right: the spray I use to kill the cockroaches.

Finally, just like I covered N-warm in my winter article there are similar products available that are used in summer. You use them as an extra sheet on your bed and they keep you cool during the night. Personally, I have not tried these but I know many people that do use them and continue to do so.

These are all of my summer tips. If you have any questions or if there's anything I forgot to mention, leave me a comment below.

Disclaimer: All information provided on this website is exclusively based on my own research and experiences. Facts such as opening times and prices etc. may vary or have been changed since. 

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