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Updated: Dec 12, 2019

I'm sure as you're aware our world is in a crisis and we need to take action. As human beings I believe we are the problem but we are also the solution. I by no means live a zero waste lifestyle, but I'm taking small steps to become environmentally friendly. These steps are pretty practical and hopefully easy to adopt. I don't think we can all switch completely to a zero waste lifestyle right now, but I think we can all take small steps to benefit the earth and together we can make a big difference.

Switch to reusable products. This is probably the most well known tip, switching to reusable products can be as simple as purchasing a reusable water container or shopping bag. I have a few reusable shopping bags and try to carry one with me when I leave the house. If you live in Japan, you can say "iranai" when at the checkout when the worker grabs a bag and they will understand.

Pack your own lunch. Packing your own lunch with a reusable sandwich cloth or container definitely beats buying an onigiri from the combini and using lots of plastic.

Girls - make the switch to a better period. I purchased OrganiCup and Flux underwear to slowly ease out of the use of sanitary towels and tampons. I really love the company Flux as they help a girl in need for every pair you buy and they package their undies in no plastic, just 100% recyclable cardboard. Plus their undies are naturally antibacterial and some types can be worn for up to 12 hours.

Bamboo toothbrush. Simple, efficient, no plastic.

Air dry over tumble dry. I actually almost never tumble dry my clothes. I only tumble dry my bed sheets and towels but everything else I dry naturally. This not only spares the condition of my clothes but uses less electricity.

Eat less meat and try to eat locally sourced foods. So you don't have to cut out meat completely but reducing your consumption of meat not only helps the planet, animals but also you! Your health. So if you are eating meat everyday, try to eat it just once or twice a week. There are easy veggie alternatives. I was a vegetarian for 10 years until I moved to Japan and then I started to eat fish. But my sole reason for cutting out meat is because you can feed more people with a field of crop than with a field of cattle.

And finally, if there's the option to go "eco-friendly" take it, for example those recycled pencils over the pretty patterned ones? Choose them.

So there are my tips but before I finish I want to say don't be too hard on yourself. You can try to do your part but no-one is perfect. I try to adhere to the points above but even I forget sometimes to pack something or when I'm traveling it can be especially difficult. So I don't see these things as a "set of rules" but just things that I can adopt into my lifestyle wherever possible.

Take care of yourself and our earth.


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