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Fireflowers by the river

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

If you spend an October in Tokyo you'll notice the leaves beginning to fall as the temperature drops from the 30s to the mid to low 20s. Summer is finally over and autumn is gracing us with its presence. But before you stay goodbye to summer completely, you can end it with a bang. Fireworks. Of course, a Japanese summer isn't complete without the colourful display of sparkling fire darting through the sky. And there's no better place than Futako Tamagawa.

If you haven't already been to Futako Tamagawa, it's a popular station along the Den Entoshi Line, just 11 minutes from Shibuya on an express train. Futako Tamagawa has a large shopping mall including popular shops such as Loft and H&M, plus many restaurants and a cinema. One feature I particularly adore about Futako Tamagawa is the wooden walkway lined with trees, benches and a peaceful pond. It's the ideal location for a date. But on the weekend of the fireworks it might be rather difficult to get anywhere in Futako Tamagawa as thousands travel to see the firework display. And it's not hard to see why.

So you'll don that yukata and get to the station but unfortunately, it's absolutely heaving with people. Therefore, I recommend going to Futako ShinChi station which is just one station further along the Den Entoshi line heading towards Nagatsuta / Chuo Rikan on the local train. This station will still be crowded but it is less crowded. Try to meet your friends before you arrive or make sure you have an exact location and time as the crowds cause the internet to dwindle and it's almost impossible to rely on. Once there, head towards the river and after about 15 minutes of walking along the river, you'll come across an entrance onto the verge beside the river. So, make sure you get there with plenty of time before the show begins.

The firework display is mesmerising and one of the best I have seen in my life so, it's definitely worth it despite the many, many people. There are also a lot of stalls selling delicious festival food such as takoyaki, candy floss, baked potato, kari kari cheese and many other favourites. But if you're looking to save money I saw a few families with cute picnics and they had even brought little lanterns with them. The whole scene just screams romantic and from the number of couples spotted, you can definitely conclude that this is the ultimate date spot/ event.

So, keep an eye out for the posters and make sure that if you're in Tokyo in October you check out the Futako Tamagawa fireworks.

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